Thursday, April 12, 2012

Like a Fine (very fine!) Wine

Happy birthday to my sweet man, who just keeps getting better with age!  He is pretty awesome for many, many reasons - so I have decided to list just a few below, in no particular order. 
(He doesn't like to tell his age (which is the same as mine...fine eleven days younger), but there is a clue in the list below ;-).)
  1. he is okay with me calling him "booger" as a term of endearment
  2. he watches cartoons with me
  3. he stays out of the kitchen ;-)
  4. he has a very cute butt
  5. i don't particularly care for talking*, but i can (and do) talk to him about everything - really, everything
  6. he has the prettiest long eyelashes - this also makes me a tad jealous
  7. he is one of the kindest humans i know
  8. he loves dogs
  9. he tolerates cats
  10. he loves my family - including the gazillion nieces and nephews
  11. he refers to my nieces and nephews as his nieces and nephews (and shows them how to play his guitar)
  12. he plays a guitar :-)
  13. my family loves him
  14. he is always up for an adventure
  15. his smile (picture evidence above)
  16. he likes shows about zombies
  17. he loves dressing up for halloween
  18. he is always open to hearing both sides of an argument
  19. he taught me how to ride a bike...again
  20. he enjoys a good walk
  21. he has conversations with my dad (i take after my dad in the talking department - see #5)*
  22. he is the best pillow
  23. he wears bow ties
  24. he lets me pick out clothes for him
  25. he likes record players
  26. he values honesty 
  27. he loves me - crazysauce!
  28. he appreciates tolerates terms such as "crazysauce" and "awesomesauce"
  29. he is honorable
  30. he says "i love you" at least once a day, every day
  31. his triceps are gorgeous - true story
  32. he looks amazing in a tux
  33. i trust him completely
*Please note that #5 and #21 are null and void after either my dad or I have had a few drinks - then we will (and do) talk to anyone and everyone. :-)

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